Examples of SmartMag Featured Grids

    There are many featured grid blocks included in Smart Studio for one-click insert in Elementor. These are just a few examples. With our unique customization features, you can literally create Unlimited Blocks!

    Grid Style 3

    This grid uses one large post and 2 medium sized posts on the side.

    Full Width for Grid 3

    Set to full width, with a custom gap, and aspect ratio disabled in settings.

    Grid Style 4

    This grid uses one large post, 1 medium, and 2 small sized posts on the side.

    Grid Equals 2 & 3

    There are  2 or 3 equal columns shown here. You may use up to 5 equal columns on site or full width.

    2 Columns with Centered and Overlay B. Using custom gap.

    3 Columns Equals

    3 Columns Centered

    Slider Examples

    Slider can be enabled on all of the grids above. Here’s an example using Grid 2.

    Few More Full Widths

    Some of the several other possibilities. The examples are countless.